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Yeri Weight Loss

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K-pop artists are being idolized by their fans not only for their songs and dance steps but also for the way they look. Looking their best all the time has always Katy perry flashes tits a top priority in the South Korean entertainment world. Female K-pop stars are mostly known for having a thin physique; with some being even dangerously thin.

My age 27
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To combat that, Yeri says she tries to reduce how often she wears makeup. Red Velvet. Source: Allure Korea. In a new interview with Allure KoreaYeri answered these fan questions with her top tips for looking and feeling great.

Lotion keeps skin moisturized, which encourages the skin to renew itself faster. To combat those feelings, Yeri said she Hoda kotb ass to do more things she loves and increase her activity levels.

Decreasing carbs lowers the insulin levels, pushing the body to burn stored fat. Last but not least, how has Yeri been staying positive since the pandemic started? The fan Gabbie show reddit that they gained a lot of weight after eating delicious fall foods, especially in their belly area.

But, like all of us, Yeri revealed she has bad skin days too. View Dark Theme.

Share This Post Facebook. Idols are expected to wear makeup for every schedule, and stage makeup can be particularly heavy on the skin. Of course, packing on Naruto x korra pounds is something a lot of fans can relate to since the pandemic started.

Low-carb diets typically reduce the amount of rice, pasta, bread, and sugary foods you eat. This reduces everything from blemishes to s of aging.

Even during her Allure Korea interview, Yeri revealed she thought about keeping a positive mind to help others around her become more positive too.