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Whisper confessions dirty, Scot confession found men to dirty

Sarah Lesnar.

Whisper Confessions Dirty

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When it comes to finding out personal revelations from complete strangers, Whisper app confessions can reveal all kinds of scandalous, Marge simpson maxin just curious, details about people.

Years 29
Nationality: I'm ethiopian
Gender: Woman
Languages: English, Thai
My Sign of the zodiac: Cancer
My body features: My body type is athletic
Favourite drink: I prefer to drink ale
Smoker: Yes

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Here are some of the most shocking and strangest confessions we found while trolling some of the more popular tags:.

Some will make you angry or fear for the fate of the human race. It's completely addictive and completely free, and not only can you search Watching people masturbate certain topics LGBT, food, romance, etc. Whisper is an app you get on your phone or you can peruse the website and it's like PostSecret for the Tumblr age.

Trending Stories. Just a warning or tip?

There's an app for that. Think a black and white photo of a couple kissing with a colored sky in the background.

Users can post confessions anonymously, but instead of funky postcards they use images that Sound ninja five kind of Tumblr-esque. And unsurprisingly, people often use that function to look for someone to hook up with.

Some of the secrets are heartbreaking. READ: The best kept secrets in recent pop culture history.

So want to know what to expect? Some are inspiring. And as with any user-generated system, lots of grammar mistakes and misspelling awaits you.

Do you have a secret? So artsy.