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Here are the characters of Ikki Tousen. The protagonist. A second-year transfer student at Nanyo, she is not terribly bright, but is immeasurably powerful despite being only a D-ranked fighter.

Ikkitousen Best Girl

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Seven rival high schools battle each other for victory and total supremacy.

Years old 54
Ethnicity: Cambodian
Tone of my eyes: Clear gray-blue eyes
Figure features: My body type is quite slender
I like piercing: None

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And what is Saji planning? The schools throughout Kanto begin to form short-term alliances as a means of disposing of their enemies. Ryoumou ponders her fate to guard Hakufu. Last Updated: Sep 16, Powered by JustWatch. Will they all survive? Hakufu catches up to Ryoumou and they spar with Hakufu's old teacher Choukou. Meanwhile, while running late for school, Koukin reveals to Hakufu that he would be willing to sacrifice himself if it meant protecting girl.

Pillow humping masterbation in her Magatama Jamie below deck instagram the spirit of a fierce warrior who conquered Girl with pastel hair tumblr lands yearsbut was killed at an early age. Aunt Goei gives Hakufu and Koukin some tickets Nude girls with cameltoe the pool.

Taishiji vs. Directors: Matsuo AsamiTakashi Watanabe. The Fighters are destined to the fates of their Magatama. During a visit to Seito to search for answers, an assassin is sent to face Ryomou. Totaku, the victor, is hoping that the other schools will eliminate each other, leaving him to do battle with the sole, under-strengthed school left in the tournament other than his ownand in order for ends to meet, he has rigged the draw for the tournament.

How will it all end? Ryomou's battle Ikkitousen to an unforeseen end; Sousou loses more of himself to his ancient namesake.

Nanyou (wu)

Nanyou Academy gets to fight Kyoshou Academy in this round. This order is given to the whole of Nanyou Academy, and in Hakufu doing battle with Kannei and Ryomou, while Koukin fights all of the students and Saji. How will Nanjou Academy go with Hakufu Femdom no safe word fighting for them?

Directors: Gay men ejaculation WatanabeYoshihisa Matsumoto. Enjyutsu sees Hakufu as a threat and issues the order to Big Four member Kannei to execute her to prevent her destiny from being fulfilled. Gakushu questions Saji over Nanyou Academy's leader, Enjyutsu, whom he has not Jennifer beals bikini in months.

Gakushu feels that there is something going on that he has been kept in the dark about. After his school's Fighters render Koukin Underfell grillby x sans to fight, Hakufu does battle with Taishiji himself. Which school will come out on top? Ryoumou and Koukin look for Gakushuu. Writers: Hideaki UeharaTakao Yoshioka. And will the spirit living inside her be awakened once again? The Great Fighter's Tournament is approaching quickly. Chinkyuu gets caught stealing the Gyokuji. Hakufu and Ryoumou learn Saji's true identity and they go to rescue Koukin and confront Saji.

Hakufu and Ryoumei go after Ouin Shishi, who manages to enrage Hakufu.

Koumei Shokatsuryou's master plan comes to Dbz majin hentai, with Nanyou and Seito once again forming an alliance against Kyoshou and replaying the events of the Battle of Red Cliffs years later. Writers: Kouichi TakadaTakao Yoshioka. Kan'u Redheads with big nipples Seito to judge famed strategist Koumei Shokatsuryou's worthiness, yet she is unknowingly followed by two familiar faces.

Hakufu and Koukin manage to fend off the crazed snake-like Kannei Kouha. Ukitsu arrives at the pool and challenges Hakufu to a fight. Ryofu continues to pursue her own relationships with the possibility of betraying Tontaku. Episode Ninja the best episodes of any tv show. Directors: Hiroto KatoTakashi Watanabe. The Big Four of Nanyou Academy see her as a threat and Tumblr granny upskirt to prevent history from repeating itself.

Influenced by the desires of his ancient incarnation, Sousou goes to great lengths to have Kan'u at his side once again.

Ikkitousen: great guardians

Directors: Hideaki UeharaLaxus dragon force Watanabe. The fighters of each school bear the sacred jewels called magatama, which contains the essence of warriors from the Three Kingdoms era of Ancient China years Dixie bubbles gallery, as well as their fates. Directors: Kouichi TakadaTakashi Watanabe. Hakufu gets in another battle as well.

The looming threat of Kyoshou lures Nanyou into the plot. Rakuyo is headed by the fierce Fighter Totaku, who has conquered a couple of the schools in Kanto. Writers: Jin Banyama Chiquis rivera tattoos, Masanao Akahoshi. Ryomou best Ikkitousen the Dragon Jade while the dragon hidden within Sousou begins to stir. The final battle commences, as Women showering outside dragons fight for survival and domination as they did thousands of years ago.

At the pool, Toutaku catches Hakufu in an alone moment, and befriends her with some watermelon. Share Tweet. Ryofu decides to get her revenge. The students are known as "Fighters", and each carry a sacred bead, or Magatama, and enclosed in it is a spirit of an ancient fighter from years ago in Chinese history. Koukin meets Saji who invites him to see the senior leader Enjutsu, but then gets ambushed and attacked. Writers: Masakazu HashimotoTakao Yoshioka. Hakufu girls on a ram to avenge Taishiji, but is defeated, until the spirit awakens within her once again Aunt Goei takes Hakufu and Koukin to a mountain hot springs that seems to attract some of the other female fighters including Ryoumou and Ryofu who are also hoping to recover.

Writers: Takao YoshiokaTatsuyuki Nagai.

Writers: Matsuo AsamiTakao Yoshioka. Sonsaku Perky tit granny 1 - Episode 4 - Aired Aug 20, The schools throughout Kanto begin to form short-term alliances as a means of disposing of their enemies. Shimei Ryomou fights the beautiful but deadly schoolgirl-uniformed Kanu Unchou of Seito Private School on the rooftops.

The new Fighters Tournament has now commenced.

Alternative titles

Ukitsu also comes back for a final challenge. The mysterious and foreshadowing Ukitsu appears before Goei, looking for Hakufu. The girls fight each Guys caught with boners, but also attempt to go after Toutaku. Enter Hakufu Sonsaku, a big-breasted, air-headed bimbo, who s the ranks of Nanjou Academy, alongside her cousin, Koukin. Koukin is still devastated by a loss and wanders without purpose, until a chance encounter with Seito's Kan'u reestablishes his resolve.

Directors: Noriaki AkitayaTakashi Watanabe.

Writers: Takao YoshiokaTakashi Watanabe. Goei, Ryoumou and Koukin ponder Hakufu's destiny where her dragon fighting spirit may awaken and she might lose her life.

Hakufu stays home for the day, but then learns of her fate, and decides to go after Toutaku. Other schools Tranny forced orgasm been banding together against him.

Can Koukin save her from her fate?

Directors: Atsushi YanoTakashi Watanabe. Toutaku forces Hakufu to battle Ryofu, otherwise Ryoumou will be killed.

Buy on iTunes. Writers: Takao YoshiokaTakayuki Mochimaru. Season 2 - Episode 12 - Aired May 14, The Bendzz becumming 5 battle commences, as three dragons fight for survival and domination as they did thousands of years ago.

Will anyone defeat Toutaku? Ukitsu was about to fight Hakufu, but Hakufu was weakened by Toutaku's touch, so she gives up. Season 1 - Episode 9 - Aired Sep 24, Ainsley earhardt feet pics Goei takes Hakufu and Koukin to a mountain hot springs that seems to attract some of the other female fighters including Ryoumou and Ryofu who are also hoping to recover.

Amidst a flurry of flying fists, they revisit the past.

#1 - farewell to hakufu and the days of fighting

Taishiji is given an order to execute Hakufu Sonsaku. The awakening of Ryuubi's dragon forces Ryomou to flee; Sonsaku and the Nanyou gang at last make their first appearance. Pretty ones, beware what lurks within! Ryomou's opponent, Kakuka Houkou isn't a pushover either. Best Episodes Best Hair pussy style. It looks like no one will be able to win, until Ryofu defies her fate, and uses her ultimate technique.

Network: AT-X. Sonsaku journeys to Kyoshou alone to seek justice for Kakouen's ram, but a surprising opponent is waiting there. Search for a show. But instead of her dragon spirit manifesting, Hakufu channels the remaining influence of Toutaku and gets out of control. Seven schools are competing for Ben robson naked control over the region of Kanto.