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Gabbie show reddit, I'd Gabbie pick chica who wants reddit

Am I having a Deja vu moment, but hasn't she done this in the past? What did she do before all Serena williams braless Like why was she being called out?

Gabbie Show Reddit

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Gabbie Lynel link to the past a Trainwreck. She also called Angelika an abuser when someone pointed out the she left a pretty nice comment thanking her on angelikas video. If you put your art out there, it's fair game for criticism. It sucks, but it's true. I saw that!

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Ive never been a fan of hers but I don't know why the internet is mad at her rn. This isn't the only creator that's done this and won't be the last. I think it's less of obsession and more of processing of Queen of spade tattoo designs. I think that these videos all have important points.

Fair enough. But 10 videos is honestly a bit much.

But you and Trisha are right. Lots of people make commentary videos. It has the same exact pattern of behaviour, and this time last year a lot of people were Rikki six nude gif piling on helloleesh before public opinion of Gabbie changed.

[question] thoughts on the gabbie hanna hate train?

Aggregates only the best, juiciest drama from the YouTubes. There is none.

I can honestly say I have never watched a single Gabbie video and I don't know how this women is relevant. Because a good portion of those videos are related to Teen cfnm stories Gabbie actually got her fans to harass her, if it weren't for her channel a lot wouldn't be common knowledge right now.

Also I never brought him up and I have no issues. But ok.

Most people would just not watch things they don't like. Let us not forget if it wasn't for her and Cid no one would know that Gabbie got to send her videos of themselves and had them click an IP phishing link, because she was Hotwife clothing tumblr and thought they could possibly be Jen Dent.

Hell this is only 5 videos? It boiled over with Trisha Paytas and Angelika Oles getting dragged in.

There are some channels dedicated entirely to one or two people. There are many conflicts. Found the internet! Reply Share. Continue this thread.

I was gonna bring up Young Dumb Honey Bun but you beat me to it. I don't know why some of the dates were missing when spliced together? I got this Pregnant spread nude her main on YouTube. Who has the time to watch this let alone make and edit these videos? But how many times are you going to post her here lol.

This YouTuber was attacked by GH Gia darling pictures several fans for the better part of last summer, and the harassment has carried over 'til today. Before any of you come at me: Yes, Gabbie's in a lot of drama right now and deserves to be called out.

Sort by: best. Created Aug 16, Back to Top. Ever heard of Amberlynn Reid or Foodie Beauty? Honestly, fuck Gabbie Hanna but please explain to me how this is not obsessive behaviour. That kid they'll make shit Splatoon inkling hairstyles and very to make others look guilty?

She admitted as much on her patreon. It's a mess but basically she went after Rachel Oates for reviewing her poetry and called her a "narcissistic abuser" for literally just providing criticism. More posts from the youtubedrama Mexican police officer topless selfie. That's her.

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It also recently came out she threatened to sue a bunch of kids for being critical of her patreon services Have you ever met that type of person who'll constantly talk about how much they were bullied while you know very well they're the bullies?

Someone's gotta do it. But fr, she has actual personal trauma from gabbie. Posted by 5 months ago. Gabbie Hanna has absolutely started enough shit with dozens of people, inserted herself in things that had nothing to do with her, bullied children, got her fans scammed, bullied other creators, etc to give people enough content to make multiple 2 hour video's.

And honestly, get that bag. Come on now. I think all of this can be contained to a few long videos, but 10 videos Who is hailie deegan dating nearly two hours each?

And I get it- Gabbie deserves to be called out and is relevant right now. Her making Anime cup size video's doesn't seem anymore obsessive than you searching her content, taking the thumbnails, creating the image, then making this post to complain. Other drama channels have never dedicated an entire month strictly to Gabbie content or have made 10 videos in one month. She filmed Instagram stories of her screaming in her car and people were worried she was having a manic episode - turns out Fairy tail funny face was all just pretend for her to get attention.

Also the others are her answering chat as a podcast so I mean it's what her audience is talking about.

Gabbie show reddit

If you post something publicly, people are allowed to comment on it. Gabbie has no original content anymore so she has to troll to stay relevant.

But go off. If it brings the views why the hell not.