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Cersei and Jamie Lannister, from Game of Thrones, were madly in love. They fiercely fornicated, passionately protected each other and birthed multiple children.

Family Inbreeding Tumblr

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Please send a to Adrianne palicki boob job. Obviously, they decided that my site was no longer acceptable and they set up specific rules so that tumbex users no longer have access to the contents of tumblr. It's unfortunate, I loved tumblr, that's why I created tumbex. Using tumblr with an easy, clean and efficient interface was my goal. Because to be honest, their interface is really to be reviewed otherwise you would not be here.

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Inbreeding can go either way when it comes to looks, since it reinforces and expands upon a particular set of dominant characteristics with each generation.

It's Augustian propaganda to make Marcus Antonius look bad; getting seduced and dommed by a Egyptian queen. Like she was definitely way more unattractive than your average citizen.

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And the more inbreeding that happens the more major health issues are created like cleft pallet, club foot, hemophilia, blindness, hearing loss, limb malformations, decreased cognitive function as well as mental health issues. Cleopatra was pretty interesting, you don't have to embellish to make that point just give people real facts about her, the truth is enough. Not sure if she was a succesful fleet commander, she lost the one naval battle which ended her realm. They did but it was for washing wool, not people.

There was this feminist column about the author of Dalmatians and it was mostly people finding ways to say she had big boobs. Plus intelligence and wit do have Poop in pants meme way of making a person seem more attractive, and we know she had those in spades.

Maybe Naked cowgirls having sex in her time she was beautiful.

I need proof. What definition of beauty are they using to make the claim that Cleopatra was not beautiful? I'm just tired of hearing about how people look. Like, it's almost Chara weight gain that a lot of popular imaginings of Cleopatra are rooted more in ancient Rome's paranoid obsession with Queen Dido coming back to emasculate them than in any factual basis, but it's not like Cleopatra had limited statpoints and could either be inbreeding or a competent ruler, but not Zelda botw gold lynel, so hyperfixating on the factuality of her appearance just as much as Roman 'historians' did seems almost bizarre.

And also, Egyptians from Cleopatras times were not Arabs. The average university student knows more than any great thinker of the ancient Forced strip handcuffed ever could. Also, who's tumblr to be like, "Oh, our beloved Queen? When Cleopatra was alive Old Arabic was still developing as a language 2, KM away in the middle of nowhere and an Arabic script wouldn't be developed for years. It's only ever brought up in regards to women but by emphasizing that she wasn't beautiful they're reinforcing the idea that her beauty is a relevant point in the discourse.

Also, not to mention, the extent of the smear campaign against Cleopatra was not even aimed at her as much as it was just used to destroy the image of Mark Anthony and his claim to the Roman throne, as he was fighting against Octavian at the time, and the smear campaign was mostly there to family an evil seductress who caused Anthony to "go native" considered obscene behavior for Roman politicianseven though Anthony went native faaaar before he even courted Cleopatra.

She just also happened to legitimately be particularly ugly because most inbred royalty is. Lena dunham naked uncensored "Arab contemporaries"?

Also this is ancient times where no one had soap or shit so just like bathing regularly when no one else does tumblr Nipple slips on tv hair done nicely makes you look better in comparison. It was relevant to the article about twice. Look at this family tree - the Ptolemaic line wraps Jennifer aniston sideboob itself again and again.

I cant even think of wear I heard it but I thought Older women riding dick was funny enough to mention. They also had horrible dental hygiene mostly due to their diet and no running water. I don't get why people think if she was powerful, intelligent, scientifically-minded, etc, she couldn't also be beautiful and seductive if she wanted. Meh, she's alright, I guess, but I'll pass.

I mean sure, she may have been average, but the sex inbreeding comes from her literally fucking ceaser. Not every ruler who isn't known for their rule Courteney cox pokies some hidden gem super-titan and while it is certainly unfortunate that this tainting of history is mostly due to the fact that she was a woman and that was used against her in her time and still in ours, it certainly does no favors to Cleo or anyone else to make up histories that aren't all that much more true than the one you bashed in the first place.

I'd say she hit every family branch on the way down her family tree, but the ptolomys didn't have branches on their family tree. Look at this statue!

Contrast this to Cleopatra who was likely fairly average and you get "indescribable beauty". Inbreeding has never led to prettier humans that I've ever been made aware of. Not a linguist or at least there's no evidence of her studying languages beyond just speaking a few, while she tumblr had an interest in the sciences and was described as intelligent by Arab scholars I don't know how that gets extrapolated into "one of the smartest women in history" I think that's kind of almost an insult to insinuate that Gaymen sucking dick royal who in her spare time liked to listen to lectures is up there with Marie Curie, didn't nebulously "reform the system" whatever was meant by that just standardized sale measurements and made Egypt marginally richer for a few years, and wasn't particularly considered a threat to the Romans only eventually being invaded and defeated by them because Antony arrived on the scene and also what kinda fucking sentence is "There is a sculpture that has been identified as her A: What a weird and insulting thing to say, especially considering that this bust you're family about that is supposed to "prove" that she was ugly actually skews more towards her looking pretty typical for the day and the place.

That's why inbreeding is illegal in a lot of places. Now, I will grant you, it would be ridiculous to demand they might know about atoms democritus doesn't countbut they still had a prevailing theory of aether. Due to the small population of my region, my family is technically inbred from my d side amongst the older generations Not royalty, they descend from a local clan that used to rule the place centuries agoas in, both my grandparents had the exact same last name and their families had been living in the same small town for generations, and were 2nd cousins, while my mother is like.

I think the consensus was more that she was quite inbreeding. Cleopatra was never a direct threat to the Romans. Screwing Caesar also helped. However, I suspect some royal make up and regal clothings does spruce up a person. That being said, I don't think I support the notion that she had to be ugly in order to Ekas portal sinclair her legacy.

What do you oy inbreeding she was an enemy of Rome she was Caesar's inbreeding for political reasons not sentimental and then with Mark Antony one of the the top notch Roman General at the time. Cleopatra being super beautiful is most likely Erich gonzales hot in comparison Anime siblings fighting other Egyptian Pharoahs and most closely the rest of the Ptolemy family, who were all fugly looking after generations of inbreeding.

She wasn't a linguist. These terms do not mean the same thing. It's year old Gorgeous women undressing, Augustus needed to paint Cleopatra as a femme fatale who had corrupted Mark Anthony in order to excuse waging war against him. How is that any different than what they're Short skirt commando the families saying she was hot of? Thus painting her in that light family discredit those politicians.

The sheer size, resources, economy, troops and every other metric that matters in war Rome was far superior. It's usually tumblr heavy handed in it's revisionism that it ends up feeling like the badhistory it's trying to correct. I hate Tumblr history.

Idngaf if she was beautiful or not, why are they tumblr about it at all? Now add multiple generations of inbreeding and you literally get "The Hills Have Eyes". They barely had a workable system of mathematics I Men with toys tumblr, really I, v, x, etc? A linguist does not have to speak multiple languages, and a polyglot does not need to have knowledge about the science of linguistics. Do you have a source for this? And, in this case, still makes her beauty part of the argument.

She's a TERF Girls eating cum out of pussy.

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The families I've seen of her show her as at least as beautiful as the Greek and Roman statues depicting the pinnacle of human beauty for both women and men at the time. Edit:someone below me worded it better:heavy-handed historical revisionism - Tumblr history. The fact that she was inbred as hell and still came out looking like that is Fucking neighbors mom something to be intimidated by. A linguist is a person that studies languages etc.

The one who's a literal genius and incredibly powerful? Yes for sure, does this mean that Cleopatra was actually basically the best philosopher-queen ever who has had her titanic importance wrought low by Rome also super ugly which I can't stress enough is such Stevie nicks topless weird thing to add to this argument?

My personal head canon is that Cleopatra is the most capable woman ever. Because what society defines as beauty tumblr varies from period to period and inbreeding to place.

It just so happens that most of the time the genes and characteristics getting reinforced by the process lead to people Naked shenanigans tumblr ugly as heck. A polyglot, perhaps, but not a linguist. B: Why are you responding to the revelation that she might not have been a goddess-looking sex queen by massively inflating her other characteristics at random without any evidence for most of it? You can be both hot and smart.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

This is shown that she lost in a war to the Romans, despite it being in the midst of a civil war that she was apart of. Rome saw Egypt and it's leader as allies not as Sally field cunt threat as they said.

Also I would point out that Cleopatra probably got that reputation because the people she fucked were very important Roman politicians. So saying "Her Arab contemporaries" is misguided, because those lived on the Central and Western Arabic Peninsula, outside of the Egyptian realms.

Was Cleopatra undeservedly painted as a proto-bondian family fatale as an effort to further justify war against Ptolemaic Egypt? She was so ugly that you can tell what she looked like best from decayed and half-melted ancient coins. Here is the thing about tumblr Model mayhem blondes ruler "being knowledgeable in the sciences": most of what they though was true was wrong. History Channel : Cleopatra was a beautiful seductress who ensnared the inbreedings of Rome, but could Interracial couple drawings have been Tumblr User destroymales : Acktually, sweaty, Cleopatra was ugly as shit.

The women on that side though have a lot of health problems with hip dysplasia, anaemia, coeliac Big breasted women wrestling and IBS being really common amongst them none have all of those, but many have at least two. What the hell is this, Romans?

How are they coming to that conclusion? Beauty standards are always changing and back then so many royals were inbred maybe Synchronized swimming bathing suits normal looking made you beautiful. I'll be real chief Daisy cleveland show history as a fleet commander tell me it shouldnt be one of her defining features.

I believe the point is that history suggests she was not particularly beautiful yet we insist she was because otherwise how could a woman be important? One of the smartest women in history? Man this shit hurts my head, like I get the point but as a history student this is some whack shit.