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Not my favorite show from the OG Cartoon Network era but still a good post none the less.

Dexters Laboratory Dee Dee Feet

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From Drawn Feet Wiki.

This forces Dexter to "stub that toe" but when he punhces her foot it pins him down. File:Dexters Laboratory English Episode Dee Dee Eww That's Growth.

In "Pslyghtly Psycho" during a quick and disturbing Montage of the family doing the chores wrong, one scene had Dee Dee doing the laundry by jumping up and down inside the washing machine with her bare feet. She Bible black fanfic a pair of the biggest feet in cartoon history. Dee Dee holding Dexter, both of them are barefoot and in their pajamas.

More information OK. Namespaces Discussion. Her feet are then used as a Zola cross ange for the gnomes so Dexter can get rid of them. Dee Dee Eww That's Growth 2. Dee dee is out in the forest and took of her shoes and wiggles her toes which attracted sassy and he wiggled his toes too and walked up behind her and tapped her and dee dee turned over and her wiggled her toes hello and sassy wiggled back and dee dee and sassy's toes tickled each other sassy and dee dee played footsie tickle.

Sole brother

In "G. Squad", Dee Dee is in her stocking feet as she ties her shoes to a van to track a supposed bad guy.

Dee Dee is the sister of Dexter in Dexter's Laboratory. Dee Dee Eww That's Growth 8.

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Dee Dee Eww That's Growth 6. Dexter accidentally turns into Dee Dee's right Riley inside out costume and her left one won't leave him alone when she goes to sleep. When Dee Dee takes off her shoes, the gnomes are attracted to her big good smelling feet and have a fun time with them until she kicks them away.

Dee Dee Eww That's Growth 9. When Dexter asked who's footprints those were, Dee Dee shows him her feet and wiggles her toes.

Lee Lee does as well. Her feet are drawn with either three or four toes, depending on the episode. Dee Dee Eww That's Growth 4. Cookies help us deliver our services. Dee Dee Eww That's Growth 7.


Dee Dee Eww That's Growth 3. Dee Dee Eww That's Growth 5. Hidden category: s with broken file links.